Our Features Add Value To Your Company

Automated SAR packages

Our software expertly assembles complete SAR packages in just minutes, with no A to Z tabs or template creation required. QuikSAR handles every aspect of the package assembly automatically saving you time and allowing you to create and submit more SAR packages than ever before.

Company Profile

QuikSAR's Company Profile feature saves you time and money by automatically including all government required information for all SAR packages, eliminating the need to manually enter the same data repeatedly for each new SAR you create.

Unlimited SAR packages

Our streamlined platform simplifies the process allowing you to create and submit more packages than ever before. With QuikSAR, you are able to create an UNLIMITED number of expertly designed SAR packages each year for one fixed annual fee.

Follow-Up with U.S. Government

QuikSAR validates your SAR package for errors and verifies for accuracy before automatically submitting it to the appropriate Government Agency. QuikSAR also alerts you on all progress after submission and up to your approval with the U.S. Government.

Our Software's Foundation

QuikSAR, Inc. was created by David Kozlowski, a well-respected consultant and representative for companies in the Military industry seeking government approval. QuikSAR was created utilizing his 30+ years in the procurement and qualification business, as well as his successful creation, submission and approvals of over 650 SAR packages resulting in multi-million dollar government contracts for many businesses, including Small, Large and OEM’s.

Those same winning SAR designs are now built into the QuikSAR platform saving your company the time, money, and hassle of navigating through the endless DFAR’s related to becoming a “qualified source.”

With QuikSAR, your company can now easily and affordably submit an UNLIMITED number of expertly designed SAR packages and begin expanding your sales into government contracts.

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